Authors - Presentation Types

Types of Presentations

The conference will offer the following presentation types: Papers and Posters.
All paper and poster proposals will be peer-reviewed. You should submit your Paper or Poster to the conference using the online submission form.

Paper sessions will consist of 2 papers and last 60 minutes. Paper proposals should consist of an abstract of 150 words max and a summary of 1,000 words. You should include 3 keywords. An abstract alone is not sufficient to evaluate your paper submission.

Poster Presentations

Posters are graphic presentations which are displayed on Wednesday 29th July from 1pm- 4pm. Posters submissions should consist of a 400 word abstract describing the poster. You should also include 3 keywords. Posters should be prepared in jpg or tiff as they will be displayed on digital screens.

Types of Papers

Development work.
Educational Research and Case Study.

Development Work

This paper submission in this section should address the following:

Background and Context - outline of previous work, is this research at start, ongoing or completed?
Description of the development work
A visual representation of the work/system developed
Evaluation work that has been done e.g. evaluation by learners, experts etc. Significance of work for others
Future work
References - not counted in word count.

Educational Research and Case Study

Research question - focus of research, rationale and motivation for the research, is research at start, ongoing or completed?
Background research - theoretical/literature
Research methodology and methods - author can make use of visual representation
Discussion of research - key findings
Significance of research and contribution to knowledge
References - these are not counted in word count.