Creative Concept Coffee

We, the community of DIVERSE are working hard to provide innovative and creative learning environments using visual technology to engage students in active learning. And what better way of enhancing this practice than to engage ourselves with ideas that we hadn't previously had time to discuss. The 'Creative Concept Coffees' was an outlet set up to develop these such ideas.

At DIVERSE 2008, the 'Creative Concept Coffees' was established as part of the DIVERSE conference, and it has continued since then as a concept to include formalised procedures for networking, proposing, shortlisting, presenting and voting on the best ideas.

More often than not, ideas are sometimes forgotten about and intentions are not
always fulfilled. The 'Creative Concept Coffees' provides a forum for you to share
your ideas and inspirations. We invite you to bring a partial manuscript, ideas for
grants, or pedagogical needs with you to DIVERSE conference, Dublin 2011.
A coffee break forum gives you an audience to present your ideas to. Colleagues can
brainstorm with you and collaborate on projects. We hope it won't end at the conference,
as we are developing a place on the website where these collaborations can continue
between conferences via discussion board and wiki.

So, we invite you to sign up for our 'Creative Concept Coffees' group
and get your ideas into practice.

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