Pathway Project

Pathway Project
School of Education
Dublin City University

A team of researchers from the School of Education Studies, Dublin City University (DCU) are coordinating an EU Seventh Framework project called 'PATHWAY' to Inquiry Based Science Teaching. The DCU team will build a community of inquiry among second level Science teachers in Ireland and share leading practices in inquiry based teaching.

The Pathway team will host a workshop on Wednesday 29th June 2011 as part of the Diverse Conference. The purpose of the workshop is to introduce Science teachers to the potential of inquiry-based education and to assist in the process of implementing inquiry based methods.

Participants who attend the Science workshop are also invited to the afternoon events scheduled for the delegates attending the International Diverse conference -

Please email if you are interested in attending the workshop.

Visionary Workshop Schedule: Wenesday 29th June 2011
Venue: H206 School of Nursing

Kind regards,

Pathway Team
Dr. Margaret Farren Yvonne Crotty, Dr. James Lovatt, Conor Sullivan, Dr. Paul van Kampen, Peter Tiernan

Visionary Workshop Schedule: Wednesday 29th June 2011 in H206

9.30am Coffee & Welcome
10am -10.15am Introduction to the Pathway Project. Martin Owen and Dr. Margaret Farren, Dublin City University.
10.15am -11.15am Pathway to Inquiry Based Science Education. Examples and Practices Dr. Paul van Kampen and Dr. James Lovatt, Dublin City University
11.15am.-11.45am Coffee
11.45am.-12.30pm ICT to support and advance learning and teaching in Science
Directions for inquiry based teaching.
Exploring uses of technology for inquiry.
Professor Roy Pea, Director of H-STAR Institute, Stanford University, USA
12.30pm -1pm Demonstration of the Science Center to Go suitcase which consists of five small exhibits (miniatures) that enable creative, inquiry-based resources for learning science using augmented reality (AR)
Please also see the acoomondating YouTube video at
Martin Owen
1pm.-2.30pm Lunch
2.30pm.-4.30pm Join Diverse Conference events. Ciaran McCormack, FÍS. and Dr Michael Wesch, Kansas State University Diverse2011 programme schedule
8.30pm Concert

Following the recommendations of the "Science Education Now: A renewed Pedagogy for the Future of Europe" report, the Pathway Supporting Action is bringing together experts in the field of science education research and teachers' communities, scientists and researchers involved in pioneering scientific research, policy makers and curriculum developers to promote the effective widespread use of inquiry and problem based science teaching techniques in primary and secondary schools in Europe and beyond.

The proposed approach is based on three main axes that could facilitate the uptake of

IBSE (Inquiry-Based Science Education):

  1. proposes a standard-based approach to teaching science by inquiry that outlines instructional models that will help teachers to organise effectively their instruction,
  2. deploys a series of methods to motivate teachers to adopt inquiry based techniques and activities in their classrooms and
  3. offers access to a unique collection of open educational resources and teaching practices (linked with the science curricula) that have proven their efficiency and efficacy in promoting inquiry based education and that are expanding the limitations of classroom instruction.
A series of workshops will take place over the duration of the project.
The workshops will respond to the PATHWAY objective of building a group of practitioners of inquiry who will share leading practices and influence policy development. Teachers with specific change management competences required to operate successfully as change agents in their schools will facilitate the implementation of inquiry based methods.

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