Action Research Masterclass

Professor Jack Whitehead, Ms Yvonne Crotty and Dr. Margaret Farren will facilitate the Action Research Master class.

Research Capacity Building: Action Research in the Workplace

In its focus on practice, action research is rooted in the concerns of practitioners in real-world settings and in disciplined self-evaluation and reflection. Although the processes by which action research may vary, there is a common emphasis on critical and democratic social theory and a departure from unengaged research as the appropriate enquiry path for practitioners in practical situations.

The Masterclass will focus on the following areas:

       •The enquiry process of action research

       •Making public and validating what we are doing

       •Creating knowledge and improvement of practice

       •Visual and social media in disseminating research

Date: Thursday 30th June
Fee: €65         Time: 2pm - 6pm

New Action Research Book to be launched at the Masterclass. Click here to find out more about the book.

Book in Press - Action Research, Technology and Workplace Learning. Academica Press. Publication 2012.

Biographies of Presenters

Margaret Farren, Ph.D. is a Lecturer at Dublin City University. Further details can be found on her profile by clicking here

Jack Whitehead, Ph.D. is an Adjunct Professor at Liverpool Hope University, UK. Further details can be found on his profile by clicking here

Yvonne Crotty is a lecturer at Dublin City University. Further details can be found in her profile by clicking here