Ricki Goldman

Dr. Ricki Goldman— media and learning theorist, digital video ethnographer, and software inventor—is Associate Professor and Co-Director of the CREATE Lab at NYU. Her research interests focus on student learning in technology-rich learning environments, "quisitive" research methods, and the design of an online tool for video data analysis. Recently Goldman is exploring how video technologies lie at the interstices of social networking and social justice issues.

Goldman pioneered the-field of Digital Video Ethnography, a method she uses to create rich video exemplars of children's thinking. She is author of Points of Viewing Children's Thinking: A Digital Ethnographer's Journey (LEA, 1998) and designer of the accompanying interactive website with video cases Points of Viewing . She recently spearheaded the highly acclaimed edited volume, Video Research in the Learning Sciences (LEA, 2007) with co-editors Roy Pea, Brigid Barron, and Sharon Derry. For more than two decades she has studied how children learn when immersed in mediated mathematics and science cultures.