We invite you to take part in our two competitions for this conference.

  1. Video competition

    • Task: Create a max 3 min Video showing media in an educational context
    • Deadline: 31st May 2011
    • First Price: Travel, accomondation and entrance to the conference
    • Please see the Video Competion tab for further information

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  2. Photography competition

    • Task: Monochrome jpeg image featuring "Creativity - Enhancing Our Vision of the Future"
    • Deadline: Monday 16th May 2011 5PM
    • First Price: Canon Camera
    • Please see the Photography Competition tab for further information

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We are inviting students and educators everywhere to produce a video of no more than three minutes long. In keeping with the theme of the conference 'Creativity: Enhancing our Vision of the Future' , you can produce an educational video highlighting any one of the conference strands.

  1. Creativity, Visual literacy with New Media
  2. Social Media in a Changing World
  3. Digital Video - Projects & Cases
  4. Making the eHealth connection - innovative use of Technology in Health

We are looking for entries that show original and effective use of short videos in an educational context. Entries will be considered using the following criteria:

  1. Educational quality: quality of educational outcomes and communication.
  2. Use of video: the choice and selection of the resources appropriate to the aims, context and audience.
  3. Aesthetic quality: style and design and attractiveness of materials.
  4. Competition themes: how the competition themes have been developed
  5. Technical quality: appropriate to the aims and intended outcomes of the video.

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You should post your entry in reply to our video on the youtube page at:

Please also visit our very own Diverse Conference Website Channel - Click here to go to channel.
Please read the Terms and Conditions for more information regarding your entry.

To enter the competition you should submit a photograph related to the conference theme "Creativity - Enhancing Our Vision of the Future"

  1. Monochrome image with full jpeg copy.
  2. A maximum of 3 entries only will be accepted per person.
  3. Images must be mounted in either buff or black window mounts.
  4. Mounts should not exceed, 20 x 16 inch.
  5. Entries including fee of €10 must be marked FAO :

      Digital Photographic Competition,
      School of Education Studies,
      Dublin City University,
      Collins Avenue,
      Dublin 9.

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To submit the images please use MediaFire or other FTP sites and send the images to: Alan Lyons,

Submissions must be received latest by 5PM on Monday 16th May.

To enter the competition please complete the form at:

Please read the Terms and Conditions for more information regarding your entry.